bullet SDX22 contains Phillips Xcelite Catalog No. XI00, XI01, XI02, XI03, SX102
bullet XST3 contains Super-tru tip Phillips Xcelite Catalog No. XST100, XST101, XST102
bullet XST5 contains Super-tru Phillips Xcelite Catalog No. XST100, XST101, XST102, XST1O1O and XST1020
bulletSD3V contains pocket clip screwdrivers R181 and R3322 for slotted screws and P12S for Phillips head screws bulletSRX33 contains blades for slotted screws Xcelite Catalog No. R184, R3166, R144, R5166 and Phillips Xcelite Catalog No. X101 and X102

Nutdriver kit

"Keep and Carry "case

bulletContains assortment of nutdrivers listed in chart bulletSturdy yellow plastic case for inch sizes, and red case for metric sizes, keeps nutdrivers orderly on work bench and carries them on service calls

99SM & 99SMX Roll kit and case

bulletVersatile 23-piece set of quality tools bulletProvides a variety of quick change tools and tools combinations to speed up assembly and service work bulletAvailable in a durable, roll-up plastic coated canvas case, or a hard plastic case, for easy selection and storage

99PR Roll Kit

bulletMulti-purpose, 14-piece nutdriver and screwdriver set

99SPC Personal computer repair kit

bulletIdeal for repairs on PC's bulletContain 12 anti-static chip tools, protects chips for ESD damage bulletTools fit securely in a convenient roll-up pouch

Xcelite Diagonal Cutting Pliers

bulletCopaloy Pliers Features bulletLightweight, miniature plier line. Includes versatile selection of diagonal, angular, tip and end cutters plus wiring and assembly tools. bulletChoice of oval, tapered, relieved and angled head designs for general or confined area cutting. bulletFull flush or semi-flush cutting edges machine ground and electronically hardened for extended life in cutting either hard or soft wires. bulletNeedle nose styles include long, short, curved, flat and round to handle most forming, looping, twisting, insertion and pickup jobs. bulletCopaloy joint maintains perfect cutting edge and tip alignment to maximize operational consistency and tool life. bulletHandle coil springs, standard on all Copaloy pliers, allow faster cutting action with reduced user fatigue. bulletForged from high quality alloy steel for maximum strength and durability. bulletPrecision ground to close tolerances, individually finished and tested to ensure exact fit of jaws. bulletPolished heads with gun metal handles. bulletMade in U.S.A.


Accu-Lite Handles 

bulletLightweight construction bulletExtended handle length allows even application of force from all four fingers. bulletExclusive, smooth, soft foam cushion grips are free of abrupt edges and finger indentations. bulletGrip material is non-slip and compressible to allow positive gripping and to absorb mechanical shock. bulletHandle contours adaptable for either right or left-hand use.


Pliers and Cutter with red cushion grip handles

bulletThe exceptional strength and performance of Xcelite pliers and cutters are the result of forged alloy steel construction, precision machining, and scientific proportioning bulletHandles designed to fit the hand comfortably and to provide maximum leverage bulletCleanly machined and perfectly aligned jaws grip tightly and surely while easy cutting is assured by hand-honed, mated cutting edges bulletFor extra working comfort all models have permanent, red plastic-coated "Cushion-Grip" handles except Combination Slip Joint pliers bulletThese high quality pliers and cutters are featured in Xcelite Attaché Tool Cases

NOTE: When using cutting pliers always wear safety glasses to protect eyes from wire clippings


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