Super Duster

bullet 100%HFC 134a gas
bullet zero ozone depleting
bullet non flammable non conductive
bullet zero residue
bullet non VOC
bullet high rate of flow delivery system for increased performance

Super Cold

bulletcontains no ozone depleting substances bulletfreezes gum & adhesives for easy removal locates: thermal intermittent components, PCB cracks, cold solder joints bulletZero residue bulletnonflammable non conductive  bullet100%HFC 134a gas bulletvariable valve

Electrosolve Contact Cleaner

For use on most electronic parts and equipment including:

bulletconnectors bulletnonconductive bulletmicro processors bulletcontact bulletcomponents bullettuners bulletLED's bulletcircuit breakers bulletPCB's bulletsafe on plastics bulletzero residue bulletfast evaporating

Contact Cleaner

Cleans and lubricates:

bullettuners bulletswitches bulletlocks bulletcontacts bulletoffice equipment bulletkeyboards bulletplastic parts bulletmold releases bulletbattery terminals bulletignition systems bulletrubber gaskets bullettelescoping antennas

Nutrol Control Cleaner

Cleans & lubricates:

bulletlocks bulletrelays bullethinges bulletsignals bulletcontacts bulletcontrols bulletselector switches bulletoffice equipment  bulletpower tools bulletsevomechanisms bulletequipment needing greaseless lubrication



Flux Remover for PC Boards


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