Die Cast Enclosures

Easily machined units useful as instrument and meter cases, filtered networks, junction boxes, switching, or any other function requiring a small enclosure.

bulletClose-fitted flange lids fasten to bosses in the body with counter sunk screws. bulletAluminum alloy (380) offers excellent screening properties. bulletEnclosures are dust and moisture resistant. bulletAvailable in plain or semi-gloss black.

Jiffy Box Chassis

An ideal box for construction where screws cannot be used and where access to the box must be quick an often. the catches hold the box together tightly.


Just push together to close the catches snap into place. Just a slight pressure of the fingers to open. bullet

Aircraft quality specifications type 3003-H 14 aluminum. bullet

Available in grey, black texture and plain aluminum.

Tite-Fit Box Chassis

An orthodox box that has many uses and  is engineered to deserve the name Tite-Fit.


All screw fastenings are punched and tapped. bullet

Available in grey, black texture and plain aluminum.


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